Open letter

         We would like to express our gratitude to you and your company for your interest in our company.

     Founded in 2012, after a decade of operating and developing, SDVIC has increasingly strongly affirmed its position as a pioneer in the field of renewable energy projects.

      In the investment aspect

       Since 2019, SDVIC has successfully invested and generated over 118 MW in renewable projects such as Phuc Long hydropower plant with a capacity of 22 MW, Thuan Minh 2 solar power project with a capacity of 50 MW in Binh Thuan province, Cuu An wind power plant project with a capacity of 46, 2 MW in Gia Lai province

     Currently, we are investing in 2 hydropower plants: the first is Trung Chai hydropower plant with capacity of 13 MW and the second is Chu Linh powerplant with total capacity of 8 MW. Another hydropower project in the survey stage for investment is  SD Mien Bac with capacity of 150 MW. All of which located in Lao Cai province

      Regarding wind power project, the company is survey  to invest in the SD- Son Dong wind power project with a capacity of 75mw in Bac Giang province, the  SD Chợ moi 1 project with a capacity of 120MW and the SD-Cho Moi 2 project with a capacity of 80MW in Bac Kan province. Estimated time to CoD for the 3 projects mentioned above is in 2024. In addition, the company is surveying and developing  Savan1 and Savan 2 wind power projects with a total capacity of 2 projects of 990MW in Savanketh province in Lao. Both project expected be CoD 2025.

      We are survey and developing SD-Binh Thuan offshore wind project with total capacity of 2940 MW

     In construction and installation aspect

     As SDVIC own unique equipment such as 1000 tons crane and transport adapter, we have inherent advantage in this field. we have undertake the turbine,  electrical installation, substation and transmission line construction for many renewable energy projects.. Some of our notable work are as following:

      We construct substation and transmission line and install all the solar panel and install 3  wind turbine of Adani Phuoc Minh project in Ninh Thuan province which consist of 30 MW of wind power and 49 MW of solar power

      We complete the substation and transmission line construction, transport and install 14 turbine of Cuu An project in Gia lai with total capacity of 46.2 MW

      We undertake the construction of substation and transmission line, transport 14 turbine and install 3 turbine of Song An project in Gia Lai which has capacity of 46.2 MW

We complete the transmission line construction transport 22 turbines and install 4 turbine for  Yang Trung project invested by T&T which has total capacity of 145 MW

     We complete the substation and 38 km transmission line of Dak Ndrung project which has total capacity of 300 MW.

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       SDVIC provides construction service :

     Constructing and install 35KV – 500KV electric conduits and substation,      Constructing and installing Renewable energy plant: Wind power, Solar power; electric systems in industrial plants as cement factory, steel construction plant, electrohydraulic, electric system in Urban Railway… Design, Supply, Install, Testing and Commissioning of Power and Electrical Engineering, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Water and Sanitation, Automation, Instrumentation and Control, Communication and Electronic Security, Fire Alarm and Protection Systems, Data and Tel Systems, UPS Systems and Elevator Systems, etc

      SDVIC also provides transportation services which also including loading and unloading and customs clearance packages of all kinds of super-heavy goods and equipment. Especially the transportation and installation services of wind turbines from 3MW to 6MW in all terrains from simple to complex across all regions of Vietnam.

    SDVIC owns and manages a large volume of modern machinery and equipment ranging from cranes with lifting capacities from 70 tons to 1200 tons, conventional tractors and semi-trailers to specialized tractors, hydraulic trailer modules, self-propelled trailers and specialized adapters.

     With more than 30 experienced engineers and hundreds of highly skilled workers, we strongly believe that you will be satisfied with our service and professionalism. Our experienced and dedicated team can assure you of a responsive and high quality service so that your project will run smoothly and efficiently.

     With existing capacity, the SD Viet Nam Investment and construction committed to complete projects on schedule and ensure  quality work when investor confidence to carry out.

       Best  regard,

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“Satisfying the needs of customers” is defined by SD Vietnam as its mission. All activities are directed to meet the needs of customers on the basis of promoting talents and improving the quality of life of employees, optimizing the interests of customers, for the national developement.